Selling your Home or Cottage can be very emotional. All those memories and emotions built up over the years. Couple that with the uncertainty of the process of selling, and knowing how much you will get, and it can be a very trying time. Let me help make the process a little easier for you.

There isn’t really a lot of magic required to sell your home or cottage in the right amount of time, or for the right amount of money. I use a professional approach that combines a clearly defined marketing plan, coupled with  an accurate determination of price, and realistic expectations, to provide the desired end result.

Learn about my 4-Point Selling Plan

Bring it STRONG to Market!

With current knowledge of the market I will help you price your property right!  I will suggest improvements that could be made to boost your overall interest and final sale price as well as take high-quality photographs and in some cases video to showcase your property

Maximize Your Listing’s Availability

In addition to submitting your listing to MLS, I will ensure your listing is featured on the front page of my website AND promote your property amongst realtors and potential buyers within my network of contacts.

Ongoing Communication

I will keep you updated on changes and trends within the local Parry Sound real estate market as well as notify you of the interest expressed in your home directly from buyers as well as other realtors.

Close the Sale!

When it comes time to reviewing and negotiating offers from prospective buyers, I will represent your interests when presenting offers, contracts and any information needed throughout that process to the buyer and their agent. I can even assist prospective buyers to ensure that they obtain the inspections and financing necessary to close the deal.

Here’s what you get with Kevin Whetham:


Seller’s Counseling Session

Providing education on the selling
process to new home buyers.


Help Price Your Home

We’ll take a look at your home to 
help determine the right price.


Marketing Services & Analysis

Determining the best mix of marketing
services and providing a market analysis


Offer Negotiation

Kevin will help negotiate the terms
of the Offer to Purchase


Property Appeal Tips

Helping with suggestions to make
the property appeal to buyers


Handing the Finer Details

Dealing with the myriad of details
during the Conditional period

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